What Does AIM cost?

  • It is free to sign up to AIM.
  • For entrepreneurs, there are 1% administration fees and 10% performance fees
  • For investors, there are 1% administration fees and 2% performance fees, but they have up 10% of ROI
  • For entrepreneurs, there are no administration fees or performance fees
  • For organizations, there is a licensing and maintenance fee

How do you transfer cash my money from AIM?

Once you reach your goal, you will receive electronic wire transfers according to your business disbursement plan.

Is there is the minimum or maximum for how much investment I can raise?

  • For startup, you can raise up to $2500
  • For scale up, you can raise up to $50,000

When will my tax forms be available?

All your forms will be available for download on your dashboard

Will I get a tax exempt for my donation?

Supporters’ donations are tax-exempts, investment are not. Tax-exempts are country specific.